Monday, May 15, 2017

Wizard automaton performing magic trick is made entirely out of LEGO!

Check out this amazing wizard automaton made by Teun de Wijs in Holland.

Teun writes:

As a kid, I was lucky enough to visit the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in London a few times, and automata have held a lasting fascination for me ever since. Unfortunately, I don't have my own workshop for making my own gizmos, but I've recently discovered that LEGO is a pretty good alternative.

A very good alternative, indeed! Amazing work!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The passing of Marvin Yagoda (1938 - 2017)

Marvin Yagoda, founder of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan has passed away at the age of 78. He was known to say that he would try to make the world better one smile at a time. He did just that and the museum of coin-operated amusements he created will continue to do it for years to come.

The video above features Marvin serving as subjectmatter expert on the show American Pickers.

Here is a nice article about Marvin Yagoda from The Detroit News.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Incredible lifelike circus elephant automaton made entirely of paper

The folks over at cool4cats have outdone themselves with their new paper automaton kit titled ELEPHANT TRAINING. This one is a large exhibition-size automaton which shows the secret process of training a circus elephant.

From the Cool4Cats web site:

The kit builds into a large (63 centimeters high, 51 centimeters wide) exhibition model. There are many amusing details and a wonderful sequence of movements as you turn the handle. This model is unsuitable for younger children as a fair degree of patience (and a sharp craft knife) are needed to build it. The instructions, however, are very comprehensive with over 160 'step-by-step' diagrams and assembly is a great project, resulting in a spectacular model!

This one has it all: a great theme, characters, lifelike motion, stunning graphics, and a healthy dose of humor.

Here is where you can order the Elephant Training paper automaton kit.

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