Friday, May 22, 2015

Paper indexing mechanism by Rob Ives -- download and make one!

Rob Ives continues to create amazing paper machines and automata. Recently he's created this indexing mechanism.

From the creator's web site:
An indexing mechanism or intermittent drive is a mechanism that turns a wheel or shaft a small amount then stops for a set amount of time the turns again repeating this process over and over as the drive handle is turned.

Indexers are used for all sorts of things including digital displays when a sequential number can be displayed or in machines used to cut gear teeth.

This paper indexer has a twenty four tooth drive wheel. It takes twenty four full turns of the handle for the geared wheel to make one full turn. Download and make this model to find out first hand just how an indexer works. Use it as an exercise in pure mechanism or as the starting point for your own designs.

You can download and make this paper indexing mechanism. It will cost you £2.50 (about $3.90). Well worth it, I would say.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bussola: a large mechanical sculpture by Jennifer Townley

Check out the hypnotic majesty of this piece by Jennifer Townley titled Bussola.

From the artist's web site:

'Bussola' is named after the Italian word for 'compass', as this sculpture is inspired on one of Leonardo da Vinci's designs for such a drawing tool dating from 1514. The three-dimensional machine is built up from a collection of identical instruments that work in the same way as the original compass.

Here is where you can see more mechanical sculptures by Jennifer Townley.

[ Thanks Jim! ]

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Various hand-cranked kinetic sculptures by Aaron Kramer

Enjoy this video featuring various hand-cranked sculptures by Aaron Kramer.

Here is where you can see more artwork by Aaron Kramer.

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