Monday, July 10, 2006

How to make a ramp walker figure out of wood!

UPDATE: The Automata / Automaton Blog is pleased to be the exclusive source for two sets of free plans for making your own ramp-walking figures out of wood! Here is the page with plans for a walking rhino and here is the page with plans for making a ramp walking robot. Enjoy!


A reader asked me how to make a gravity driven ramp-walker. I don't think I've ever seen plans. I did find some good info that I've listed below. Please add comments if you know of other good sources. We can create the best resource page on the web for making your own ramp-walkers!

I gather that this book has some info (but not a complete plan):
Earth, Water, Fire, and Air: Playful Explorations in the Four Elements

Here's a complete plan for a Tinker-toy based walker

This article shows an old wire-based walker and part of a patent for a toy with some of the key principles for ramp-walkers:

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