Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another Autonomous Dinosaur: Roboraptor

Mark Tilden the former NASA scientist behind Robosapien, also created Roboraptor, this programmable robotic dinosaur.

Roboraptor is one astonishing, programmable RC dinosaur. He is fully controllable and programmable by radio control but also fully autonomous in free-roam mode.

Roboraptor has multi-sensors to allow this 32" bipedal beast to see, hear and feel the environment around him. He has multiple touch sensors in his head and tail, while sonic sensors detect sound and direction. He even has three distinct moods: hunter, cautious and playful. Go near his face when he's hunting and he'll behave aggressively; touch him when he's playful and he'll nuzzle your hand.

Now I want both a Roboreptile and a Roboraptor to see which one would win in a fight!

There's good video of the robot here: Roboraptor

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