Saturday, January 06, 2007

Featured Maker: Thomas J. Kuntz

Here is the website of a truly talented automata maker -- Thomas J. Kuntz. The attention to detail is amazing as is the completeness of his artistic vision and craftsmanship.

He has several magic-themed automata, which automatically makes him one of my favorites.

From his web site:
Unlike the quaint automatons of old which usually served as cheeky entertainment and used "found" doll parts in the process in addition to the skills of many specialized artists to complete them. Kuntz does all the work himself to keep the focus and spirit of each piece as it was originally conceived. The focus is on sculpture and the mechanical contrivances are a means to a magickal end. His Personal works are often dark and satirical and are the only of their kind in the world. They have found their way into special collections around the world.

Visit the site of Thomas J. Kuntz

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