Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good post about The Writer by Jacquez-Droz

I posted about The Writer by Pierre Jacquez-Droz back in June of 2006. My post links to a film clip by the film-maker Philipe Sayous.

I met Monsieur Sayous in Paris in 2005. His films are very well made. I recommend them especially to educators. (Be sure to order the NTSC version if you live in the States and buy a video.)

Here's a new post on what may be the most amazing automaton ever created: The Writer (at Fogonazos).

We should all keep in mind how difficult it is to write with pen and ink. The Writer is so carefully thought out, that he taps the quill on the edge of the inkwell to remove excess ink before beginning to write.

I found the recent post via this post on

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