Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mini Clamp-It Assembly Square Kit

I use these to assemble the boxes that house the automata mechanisms. The squares are thick so that the pieces clamped to it stay flat. The squares are also a strong plastic, so I don't worry too much about marring the wood. They also have little notches in them that allows the clamps to nest securely in them. At $35 they may seem pricey, but I sure am glad I have them, and the clamps can be used for other purposes.

Mini Clamp-It  Assembly Square KitMini Clamp-It Assembly Square Kit
Buy this kit and save $4.95 versus buying individual pieces separately!

Includes everything needed to clamp two corners at time; comes with two Mini Clamp-It Assembly Squares and four 4" Mini Clamps.

Mini Clamp-It Assembly Square Kit

The Mini Clamp-It can only be obtained in the Tools section of Rockler Woodworking.

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