Monday, March 19, 2007

Featured Maker: Anatoly Zayaruzny

Magician AutomatonI have had the great pleasure of learning of another fine automaton-maker here in the States. Anatoly Zayaruzny makes automata that look very much like antiques, but are a bit more modern mechanically.

Check out his site, where (unlike many of us) the artist is happy to show you the mechanisms that bring the automata to life.

One of my favorites is a upgraded version of the magician doing the cups and balls trick. Anatoly Zayaruzny's version incorporates a novel mechanism to allow tall items to appear.

The monkey lute player has a video that shows that the figure plays, then stands up, and bows!

Here's the link to the magician automaton by Anatoly Zayaruzny.

Here's the link to the magician's internal mechanics.

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