Sunday, April 01, 2007

Drawing Automaton Made from Paper

Drawing paper automatonI am always impressed with paper automata. It requires a lot of planning and finesse to make one that works well and does something interesting.

This paper automaton by the folks over at Cool4Cats takes paper automata artistry to a whole new level. This automaton draws.

There are a number of famous antique automata that draw pictures, such as those by Jaquez-Droz and Maillardet. There is also at least one contemporary wood automaton by Paul Spooner that draws a simple picture.

This is the first example I have seen of a paper automaton that creates a drawing.

From the Cool4Cats site:
When the handle is turned the artist looks up at his model, then down at his easel and -amazingly- he starts to draw. Keep turning and you'll be amazed to see that he actually does a real pencil drawing of the model on a 'post-it' note! The handle operates a 'worm' gear which in turn drives two large cams. One controls the forwards-and-backwards movement of the artist's arm, the other the 'side-to-side' movements. A series of levers transmit the movements and the combination of both actions results in the drawing.

Visit the Artist Automaton page to learn more or order the kit.

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