Thursday, October 18, 2007

Featured Piece: Playing Dice, Automata I

This automaton by artist Don McGranaghan is entitled Playing Dice, Automata I.

As the title implies, the piece relates to Einstein's famous quote concerning his opinion on quantum physics ('God doesn't play dice with the universe').

"I've had an interest in automata since I was a teenager, when I saw the movie "Sleuth", which was full of antique automata" explains McGranaghan.

To create this extraordinary piece, the artist relied on his professional experience in design, sculpture, mold-making and casting, mechanics, electronics, metal and wood-working. Combining diverse skills and materials, McGranaghan is following in the footsteps of automata masters of old.

In Playing Dice, Automata I the eyes move and blink, heads move from side to side, her mouth opens and closes, his throat makes a swallowing motion, her body and hand with scissors moves, as well as his left hand and right leg.

In explaining the inspiration for the piece, McGranaghan says, "I wanted to create a work that showed the contrast and relationship between two very different figures, and tell a story." In this, the artist has certainly succeeded.

In a humorist twist, the hairdresser attending to Einstein's hair is standing on a beginner's book on quantum physics.

The piece is powered by standard household current, with cooling fan, fuse, and speed control. Take a look at McGranaghan's meticulous handiwork inside.

You are looking at a Bison gear motor which turns two steel crankshafts. Clearly, this is a piece that was build to last.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece that could be the highlight in a large collection or the center of attention in any public space.

Here is a video to give you a sample of the automaton's motions.

Piece dimensions: 21" wide x 30" long x 42" tall
Weight: approximately 100 lbs.
Price: $13,500 which includes the fabrication of a custom crate, shipping, and insurance.

Interested parties should contact:

Don McGranaghan

McGranaghan Artistic Resources, LLC

12 Cherry St., Montrose, PA 18801

(570) 278-7591

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