Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wood Works with David Marks on Amazon has recently added Unboxed Videosto its product lineup. What is an Unboxed Video? Simply put, it is a video download of a show or movie that can be purchased or rented and then viewed on PCs, Portable Media Players, or TiVo DVRs.

I did a search and found that season 7 of David Marks' TV series Wood Works is available at $1.99 per episode. For less than two dollars, you can watch an episode on more than one PC or TiVo DVR, keep it in your library, and make a backup disc.

This seem like a pretty good idea: No VCR to program, no tapes to buy or store, and the ability to quickly scan through the video to watch and re-watch particular sections. Each one has a description of the episode, running time, and a short video preview.

If you find other video related to automata, please let me know!

Check out this new online resource to learn about woodworking: Wood Works shows from Amazon Unboxed Videos

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