Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good Deal on I-SOBOT Robot by Tomy

Amazon is selling the Tomy I-SOBOT for just over $200 USD now -- that's a savings of $97.03 off of original retail.

The price seems to have jumped back up to $242 -- still a savings, but only of about $57.

From Amazon:
With unbelievably smooth robotics, the i-SOBOT walks more like a human than a robot. This fully-functional and fully-assembled robot features 17 custom designed actuators and gyro-sensor, allowing it to keep balance and freely move joints for impressive performance, vivid movement, and incredible flexibility. Other main components include a built-in speaker unit and built-in microphone with a voice recognition chip. With built-in clutches and metal gears, the i-SOBOT offers up to 220-degree movement. The two infrared transmission bands allow the robot to be operated with an LCD remote control.

See all the details of the Tomy I-SOBOT Robot

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