Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mechanical Artist - Clockwork Art of Dale Mathis

Artist Dale Mathis describes himself as an "exotic clock/machine maker with some automata included." He may be difficult to categorize as an artists, but his art is easy to categorize: exceedingly cool.

Shown here is a wall-mounted piece entitled David Mechanica. Through a broad range of projects, his distinct mechanical style persists.
From His Site:
Surrealism meets mechanicalism. A merging of old and new, industrial and civilized.

This is the world of Dale Mathis.

It is a world where metal, glass, construction bolts, pistons and pieces from motorcycle and hot rod shops are all simply artistic tools. Where working gears bring movement to masterpieces. Where machines are muses.

His site is full of beautiful photos of his work and information about the artist himself.

Visit the web site of Dale Mathis.

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