Thursday, February 14, 2008

Proxxon Rotary Tool & Accessories

I own some Proxxon tools and I own several rotary tools, but I don't actually own a Proxxon rotary tool.

OK..that said, I love the Proxxon tools I do own. Woodcraft is sellng the Proxxon rotory tool at a close-out price right now (about $73). The specifications do sound impressive (see below).

Personally, I am very interested in that Universal Holder (D) for use with a flex shaft (sold seperately). That looks handy, indeed.

From Woodcraft's Site:

Great for detail cutting, grinding and sanding, the German-made Proxxon has a top speed of 20,000 RPM, continuously variable down to 5,000 RPM. Electronic full wave speed control gives almost constant torque, even at low speeds, easing micro drilling. The spindle rides in precision ball bearings, and has a lock button for changing bits. The Proxxon gets its power from a quiet, specially balanced permanent magnet motor. Our own testing showed superior low-end torque and far less vibration than the most popular rotary tool on the market.

Check out all the details of Proxxon Rotary Tool & Accessories over at

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