Thursday, March 06, 2008

Easily & Safely Cut Small Parts on the Table Saw

In previous posts, I mentioned the value of having miniature power tools for small scale projects. I find them to be less intimidating and more appropriately scaled for small scale work. They are also great space-savers if your shop space is limited.

But what about using traditional woodworking tools? You may already these tools or want to buy them to work on full-scale home and woodworking projects. You can still cut small pieces on full size tools with some proper planning and helpful jigs.

One such jig is the one shown here. This simple sled allows you to use a full size table saw to rip very thin pieces of stock safely, easily, and uniformly.

The sled is simply a piece of melamine that been ripped to a 10-in. width. After ripping the sled to width, a small block is glued on it to act as a hook to hold and push the material being cut.

Take a look a the full article on the Small Parts Sled from the folks at Woodworkers' Journal. [Thanks Charles!]

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