Thursday, March 20, 2008

Automaton by Pablo Lavezzari: Facing a Fake Foe

The latest automaton from Pablo Lavezzari is fantastic. Simply amazing.

The scene depicts an armored knight fighting a mechanical dragon which is controlled by a goblin behind the scenes. Not only is the piece meticulously detailed, but it also has an integrated smoke effect...that's not just for the video clip! The dragon also roars.

Just when you think this automaton could not possibly get any better, there is more. A monster hidden in a tree is exposed by turning a rock that makes up part of the scenery. Finally, the small crossbow prop is more than a prop: it is a functioning miniature crossbow.

I am impressed on every level. Facing a Fake Foe has humor, ingenuity, novel features, hidden tricks, and details that exceed expectations.

Visit the KINETICDREAMS blog to read more about the piece.

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