Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mechanical Artist: Casey Curran

Looking for something different in the way of wall-mounted automata/mechanical art? Take look at the work of Casey Curran, who blends text, illustration, and mechanics into his works.

Shown here is a piece entitled The Birds and the Bees. One can clearly see the books used as the background and framework for the piece. One can also see the hand crank on the left hand side and what looks to be a number of ball-and-chain driven wire-frame pulleys. I'm not altogether sure of the motions that are produced by the mechanism, but the piece is clearly rich with media and meaning.

From His Artist's Statement:
"My work confronts ...structural relationships and departs from the readily available patterns of literature, art, mechanics and mathematical notation. By fusing the signing systems of each of these 'vocabularies' a new vision of 'reality' is expressed. It is my hope that through participation and critical analysis each work creates a new symbol to a more expansive sphere of thought."

Visit the Viveza web site to see more of Casey Curran's mechancial art.

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