Saturday, March 22, 2008

FLEXCUT Starter Kit: 17 Carving Tools & Wood Box

FLEXCUT Starter Kit imageHere's a post for the automaton-makers and aspiring makers. Flexcut offers a set of carving tools in a starter kit. If you don't already own carving tools, this could be a great first set.

The kit comes with the most important carving tool of all -- the standard carving knife with a ergonomically designed handle. We're off to a good start.

In addition, the kit offers interchangeable carving tool tips of every conceivable shape that fit into a handle. This could be a bit a hassle if you need to switch blade types frequently. Flexcut wisely decided to give you TWO handles in this set. This is a simple and wise solution in my view. With the standard knife and two blades mounted in the palm handles, blade changing should be minimal.
Flexcut carving tool box setThe kit also comes with Flexcut's unique SlipStrop. A strop is a surface (often leather or leather-like) on to which you put a fine abrasive compound (also included). You run the tool over the strop to give it a fine, polished edge. What makes the SlipStrop so useful, is that it has a series of ridges shaped just like common carving tools. There are other ways to hone a carving tool, but this is very convenient. I have used one for years.

Finally, keeping track of all those interchangeable blades could be a burden, but the kit is packed in a nice wood box, which should protect your set and keep it organized.

Get a full list of the tools included in the FLEXCUT Starter Kit.

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