Monday, March 10, 2008

Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers & Inventors

The title alone basically ensured that I would buy these books one day. I mean, just by owning them, it's like I am a bona fide inventor. The title says so!

There are lots of multi-component mechanisms described in great detail in this four-volume set. For automata makers, it may be a lot to digest, but there are hundreds of mechanical elements that could be used.

These books offer multiple solutions for each category of machine. The organization of the material is a little funny; you will need to browse all four books to cover all the possible solutions.

The drawings are very good -- clear and well labeled line art reminiscent of patent drawings.

Be prepared to do some reading...these books require some careful reading of several pages to understand how a given device works. It's not exactly a quick reference.

I have not used much from these books directly in any of my projects, but I feel that they have greatly improved my understanding of complex machines.

The machines depicted are of an historical nature. This is not a shortcoming, however. Mechanisms of the sort found in these volumes were state-of-the-art at one time. They are a testament to a certain real-world ingenuity that most of us can't comprehend.

These book make an impression on one's bookshelf. Seriously: a numbered set of four hardcover books in bright orange. It's impressive and sure to attract attention.

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