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Reciprocating motion from an axle rotating on same axis

Mechanism for converting rotary to reciprocating motion along the same axis

One reader of The Automata / Automaton Blog wrote to me with an interesting question. He wrote: "I'm looking for a simple mechanism to convert rotational motion to reciprocal motion along the SAME axis as the rotation, not perpendicular."

I decided to investigate potential solutions in one of my favorite books on mechanisms, Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements. Below are some of the solutions I found listed by the numbers that appear in my copy of the book (Astragal Press, 1995).

  • 95. Oblique disc imparting rectilinear motion to rod resting upon its surface
  • 106. & 107. Uniform reciprocating rectilinear motion produced by rotary motion of grooved cams
  • 136. Crown tooth gear with rod pressed against rim
  • 143. Sliding worm screw and toothed wheel
  • 165. Circular to rectilinear motion via waved-wheel (or cam)
  • 167. Drum or cylinder with endless groove and follower
  • 237. Crown-ratchet (driven by crown, not pawl)
  • 272. Beveled disc with follower on its circumference.
  • 351. Partially toothed pinion and rack with return mechanism

507 Mechanical MovementsI have probably missed a few in the book, and there are certainly many more possible solutions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I enjoy other automata-makers' works, I also note how they mechanically solve their 'problems' and keep a summary of how various mechanisms can be achieved creatively.

By the way, one can access the 503 Mechanical Movements online(the 1871 edition) here:


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