Monday, April 21, 2008

Automata / Automaton Blog has Search Feature

Automaton BlogThe Automata / Automaton Blog is pleased to inform its readers and subscribers that the site now has a search feature. The search box is located in the upper right portion of the site's sidebar.

Now you can find posts on particular topics without hunting through the archives or guessing which label it might be filed under.

Once you have entered a term and clicked the "Search this blog" button, you will be directed to a results page. Sadly, the titles are almost always the name of the blog itself, but the descriptions beneath are accurate and helpful. Should you wish to search again, you can use your back button, or click on the blog title at the top of the page.

The new blog search feature is not to be confused with the Automata-Specific Search Engine, which searches many different automaton related sites. This Search Engine can also be added to your iGoogle homepage as a Google Gadget which is pretty cool.

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