Sunday, April 27, 2008

Automaton Pocket Watch with Animated Figures

Here is a beautiful automaton pocket watch (of unknown make) on eBay:
automaton pocket watch
Here is photo of the watch's skeletonized back. I like the back even better than the front.
pocket watch automaton back
From the eBay Listing:
"Quarter hour repeating, automaton pocket watch in the large 17 size! The early 19th century watch, which has a wonderfully skeletonized back and partially skeletonized (open escapement) dial is in a hallmarked, silver case. We have been unable to identify its tiny hallmark. The dial ring is of white porcelain. When activated this amazingly detailed automaton movement strikes 3 different mock bells by three different automated figures on its gorgeously crafted and finely detailed dial."

For you aspiring bidders out there: I'll warn you's not cheap. There are many additional photos on the eBay listing that are worth seeing. I would love to know the maker of this timepiece.

Here is the eBay listing for Automaton Pocket Watch with Figures & Skeletonized Back

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