Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mechancial Toy: Flying Space Marines Duel in Air

This is the kind of mechanical toy I could only dream about as a kid.

Dueling Space Marines Flying Copter Toy Set

From ThinkGeek:
"This Dueling Space Marines Copter Set gets you a set of two mini r/c helicopters with infra-red laser tag style battle action. Take to the air from the palm of your hand then use the shoulder button on the remote unleash a plasma blast your opponent copter. Each shot causes the gun of your space marine to flash with simulated gunfire. The first hit causes your enemy to spin. The second makes the enemy copter lose power... the third cuts rotor power completely as your opponent plummets to the ground and you gloat in victory."

Get a lot more information about the Dueling Space Marines Copter Set at the ThinkGeek site.

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