Saturday, April 05, 2008

Kinetic Sculptor Nemo Gould's Giant Robot Artwork

Little Big Man kinetic sculpture by Nemo GouldAs part of an upcoming show called "Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon" at the San Jose Museum of Art, Nemo Gould (Nemomatic) has created this amazing new piece called Little Big Man. Standing at 8 feet tall, the robot swings its arms and moves its mouth. Closer inspection reveals a tiny robot inside the abdomen of the larger one. The artist uses found objects and this time has blended wood with metal to create a truly unique work of moving art.

Here is a nice video that shows the robot(s) in action.
Visit the Nemomatic web site to learn more about Little Big Man and see videos of the artist speaking about the piece and his particular style of creating kinetic art.

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