Saturday, April 26, 2008

Proxxon Micro Plunge Router for Miniature Work

Proxxon Micro Plunge RouterI haven't tried a router this small (1/5 HP), but it sure does look like a good size for model and automaton making. This little router allows you to round-over, slot, counter bore, and remove stock from wood and other materials.

Some details on the router from Woodcraft:
* Depth adjustment of 0.008" increments
* Easy router bit changing with the shaft lock button
* Support columns are positioned so you can see as you cut
* Integrated suction device for connecting to a vacuum
* Parallel and circle jig made of die-cast aluminum
* Die-cast aluminum base and smooth gliding polycarbonate face
* Includes 6 pc. collet set
* Comes in plastic case
Here's more info on the PROXXON Micro plunge router

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