Thursday, May 01, 2008

Automaton Maker Frank Nelson's New Website

Automaton maker Frank Nelson's Lion TamerLegendary automaton artist Frank Nelson has a brand new web site featuring photos and video of his automata, drawings, and paintings.

Shown here is The Tamer (Lion), 1975. Mixed media. Hand operated: Size: 51 x 28 x 18cm. Performance time up to one minute.

This is one of several of his works featured in the book: Automata and Mechanical Toys.

Frank Nelson on The Tamer:
"The Tamer is the best idea I have ever had - originally designed back in 1975 - two decorative figures interacting with each other. The Tamer cracks his whip twice and gets a refusal each time from the animal who shakes his head from side to side while his tail rotates. On the third crack of the whip however, the animal accepts the command and nods his head and does his trick - putting his head into the Tamer's mouth."

Here is the link to Frank Nelson's Automata web Site.

[Thanks Sergio!]

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