Saturday, May 10, 2008

Antique DIY Folk Art Automaton Project circa 1900

Vintage Folk Art Automaton Project circa 1900Here is an incomplete automaton for sale on eBay. While this would be a rather pricey, do-it-yourself project, much of the work is done and the materials provided. The seller even shares a vision for the completed piece. I find this to be an interesting concept: vintage one-of-a-kind DIY.

From the Seller's Description:
"The main figure of a man is articulated on his right side, at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. He is articulated on the left side at only the shoulder and elbow. He is whittling a piece of wood with a real metal knife. I believe he originally paused and lifted the object to examine it, then continued. He may have first had a clockwork movement but when I received it, someone had attempted to operate him with an old clock motor and an old porcelain electrical on off switch appearing to be from the very early 1900's."

The seller is offering the piece with many parts, a curved glass front, and a gear motor to power the automaton.

Here's the eBay listing with many photographs of the vintage woodcarver automaton project

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Blogger Unknown said...

Yep....It didn't sell. I think I will do it myself. At 73 not a whole lot of time left. LOL Thanks very much for the plug for my ad. I love all you people who build these adventures of the mind!!! Thanks again, Bill Benton

December 8, 2020 at 7:18 AM  

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