Monday, June 23, 2008

Pathfinders Wooden Automata Kits

I've told you about the catapult kit made by Pathfinders previously.

I am pleased to let you know they are now making wood automata kits.

From the product description:
Pathfinders has now designed two fascinating wooden automata kits that assemble with ease. The Pathfinders Flying Pig and Running Horse are engineered using a minimum number of parts yet produces dramatic movement. The Pathfinders Automata kits are made with natural, untreated pine. They can be painted or decorated and will last for many years. Requires only white glue, scissors, and a ruler for assembly.

Here is the are photos and descriptions of the Pathfinders automata at

You can order the automata kits from the Pathfinders on their web site. They are also available via Amazon at these locations: Pig Automaton and Horse Automaton.

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