Saturday, June 28, 2008

Video of Animated Greeting Cards with Sound

It looks like I sparked some interest on the web with my recent post about the new automata greeting cards from Hallmark. Both and BoingBoing Gadgets did posts themselves. I'm sure many others followed their lead.

While I posted a picture of one of the cards, I didn't take the time to shoot any video of the cards in action. Well, just wait a few hours and the Internet will deliver. Here is a video showing two of the cards in action.

I believe the Gear Diary fellow make be mistaken in saying that when you turn the crank you are actually generating the power for the sound. I think the card holds a battery and you are just activating a switch for the sound unit when you turn the crank. I have not performed surgery on one of these cards, so I can't be sure. Anyone?

There is a third motion-and-sound card that shows a island scene with a hula dancer and ukulele player that is also very well executed. I also want to remind you there are several very nice designs that use the motion component but do not have any sound.

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