Monday, August 25, 2008

Thomas Kuntz Incredible Decapitation Automaton

This eerie, life-like automaton by (and of) automaton artist Thomas Kuntz does a version of the classic decapitation trick. This is mastery of a craft -- or actually, several.

From the YouTube description:
This automaton, a nightmarish vision was inspired in part by the 19th century Phalibois clown automaton. The first version was sold to a private collector and then this 23" tall automaton was made from a completely new set of sculptures with some added features and a completely new mechanical design. It is an auto-biographical self-portrait told through occult allegory and runs for one minute to complete the cycle. A mechanical musical "dirge" is built into the machine (but not heard on this clip). The entire figure including the cams, levers, and actuating devices below the figure were made from scratch hand-cut from brass steel and wood.

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