Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set

Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set
It's not every day I get to tell you about a fluid based mechanical toy. Thus, it is with no small pleasure that I direct your attention to the Hydrodynamic Building Set. It seems like you can explore a few principles that would difficult or impossible to do with most other building toys.

From the product description:
Get hands-on experience of the science of hydrodynamics by building your own working plant. Build a 1/87-scale realistic hydrodynamic plant. Uses working tanks, pipes, valves and electric pump. Design the plant, build it and add water. Use valves to adjust the flow. Build several different structures -- an ice cream factory, a water treatment plant, an oil refinery, a distillation plant, and more.

Here is one place you can get the Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set.

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