Monday, December 29, 2008

Gizmos -- The best paper automata deal around!

I made a huge oversight in my recommendations for mechanical toys. The Gizmos kit gives you everything you need to make eight Rob Ives models. For one very affordable price, you get:
  • A 144-page book with an introduction to automata and the simple mechanisms
  • A pre-made pop-up frog ready to jump
  • Punch-out parts for two snap-up models
  • Complete punch-out parts to create six fully animated paper machines: Die Fledermaus, Mouthy Moose, Schrodinger's Cat, Shrimp Boat, Surf Bunny, and Marching Robot
  • Reusable templates for each of the model parts, to get you started on future projects
Gizmos is a great way to learn basic mechanical principles and paper-engineering techniques.

Here's a link to Gizmos by Rob Ives

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