Monday, December 15, 2008

Mechancial toy gifts for holidays 2008 - Part 2

This is the second part of a two part post on mechanical toy gift ideas for the 2008 holiday season. Part 1 of the list may be found here.

Solar Car Book
Solar Car Book- Another great product from the folks at Klutz. It's hard to beat a instruction book that has a kit attached...or is it a kit that is has book?

Either way, at $20, this is a fun and easy way to build a little solar-powered car.

Mr. Machine
We owe it to ourselves to remember some classic mechanical toys. Mr. Machineis just such a classic. Like the 1960s version, the real fun is taking Mr. Machine apart and putting him back together. At $100, it may seem a lot for a toy, but how much is the education acquired worth? There should be one in every household, I say.

Wind-up toys from Kikkerland
Wind-up toys from Kikkerland- Wind-up toys have a whole new contemporary look. Kikkerland makes an assortment of wonderful walking, jittering, and squiggling critters. They cost between $9 to $18 each. Best of all: no batteries required now or ever.

Working Wood Trebuchet
Working Wood Trebuchet DIY Kit- No childhood is complete unless you have build a siege engine. These all-wood kits are great for the budding engineer or as a scale models for adults with a mind to build a full-size version in the back yard one day. The trebuchet kit sells for $40. You supply a hobby knife and white glue.

Tomy I-SOBOT Robot- This was good deal last year given that this is a very capable humanoid robot toy. This year however it is a STEAL at $85. For the the young, the toy can be used as is. For the advanced, sites are springing up all over the internet with instructions on how to hack this 6 inch tall wonder.

I hope this two part series has given you some good ideas for mechanical toy gifts this year.

If none of these items quite seem to satisfy your gift needs, head over to The Automata / Automaton Store for an assemblage of mechanical, automata, and robot toys. You might also peruse the MAKE magazine store for all manner of gifts for keen minds -- young and old.

Seasons Greetings to All!

[ Thanks again to the members of The Automata / Automaton Group on Facebook for their help in compiling this list! ]

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