Monday, January 19, 2009

Primer video on some woodcarving tools & ideas

Though the subject of this video is about carving wooden masks, the advice and tools are the same for any type of woodcarving. In this installment of the series, LaCharles James walks us through some key ideas and introduces some common carving tools.

I think you will find him to be an excellent teacher.

Some of the tools mentioned in the video include:

Carving knife with concave blade
Flexcut carving tools
Carving chisels and gouges
Carving mallet
The classic chip carving knife

A note about carving tools: Choose quality over quantity. Choose quality over price. Believe me, a poor quality tool will not hold an edge, won't produce the best results, will frustrate you, and can be dangerous because you may be inclined to use more force than necessary. Look for good quality metals from known brands. It is SO worth it.

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