Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mxykikker mechanical wind-up crawling critter

Mxykikker mechanical wind-up crawling critter
A clever new spring-powered stainless-steel beastie that can even climb over small obstacles.

From the Amazon description
Mxykikker is a tongue-twisting, multi-legged, multi-purpose commemorative wind-up celebrating the 15th year of Kikkerland Design's founding. Mxykikker loves to climb over objects and it sometimes enjoys galloping upside down, with its eighteen fidgety feet. At 6.5" long and 3" tall, this is one buggie that is sure to impress. An occasional bit of spray lubricant is recommended to help keep Mxykikker fit and trim. Designed by Chico Bicalho. Assorted colors, randomly selected.

Here's the link to Mxykikker Mechanical Wind-up Critter.

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