Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Automata Repairman by Carlos Zapata

Here is the latest charming piece by Carlos Zapata titled "The Automata Repairman".

From the video description:
This man is cycling, coming to repair your automata. He is getting old and he looks at the floor and then the horizon...but he keeps pedaling. He is caring his tools in his box. You can see all the tools that he is going to need. Down inside the mechanism you see a man flying and a fat cat watching him, while two hands holding hammers move in a rhythmic way. At the bottom there is a collector looking at his automata. And, on the other side there is a dog who wonders what the fuss is about. He turns his head to watch you turning the handle!

Here is the page featuring The Automata Repairman on the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre web site where you will find more pictures and information.

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