Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Musical Clock: Automata, Clocks & Watches

The Musical Clock: Musical and Automaton Clocks and Watches
The Musical Clock: Musical & Automaton Clocks & Watches by Arthur W.J.G. Ord Hume covers the history of the musical clock in Britain, Europe, and the USA. Profusely illustrated with diagrams and photographs, the book examines the assorted types of musical clocks, their style, mechanisms, and the tunes they play. Automaton clocks are also covered, as are musical and automaton watches. The book also features an index of clock-makers known to have made musical clocks.

The Book's Contents:
• Chiming Clocks and Their Chimes
• Musical Clocks Classification
• Carillon Playing Clocks
• Organ Playing Clocks
• String Playing Clocks
• Comb Playing Clocks
• Compound Musical Clocks
• Automaton Clocks
• Musical and Automaton Clocks
• Musical Clocks and their Tunes
• Mechanical Musical Considerations
• Index of Makers
• Bibliography and Discography
• Index

It appears to be out-of-pirnt, but here's one place you can find used copies of Musical Clock, The: Musical and Automaton Clocks and Watches

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