Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video of LittleDog autonomous quadruped robot

Check out this amazing autonomous four-legged robot, created at the University of Southern California.

From the USC's Computational Learning and Motor Control Lab site:
The goal of the Learning Locomotion Project was to use machine learning techniques to create autonomous control software for a robot quadruped such that it can traverse unknown rugged and complex terrains. As experimental platform, the LittleDog robot was chosen, which is about 30cm long and 20cm high, with three degrees of freedom per leg. The specifications for the project required that the robot should achieve a speed of at least 7.2 cm/s and climb over obstacles up to 10.7cm (for humans, this would correspond to obstacles of 50% body height which are traversed at slow walking speed).

Here is an full article on the robot entitled Teaching a RoboDog New Tricks.

[ Thanks Christoph!]

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