Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Applied Kinetic Arts blog features multiple artists

Applied Kinetic Arts blog
The Applied Kinetic Arts blog is a great place to check out information and in-process works by a number of talented kinetic artists.

They explain the site well so, I'll just let them:
Applied Kinetic Arts (A.K.A.) is a community of artists working within the medium loosely defined as “kinetic”. Works incorporating motion, light, sound, and interactivity are represented by the group’s ever expanding member base. A.K.A. was founded in 2007 by artists Christopher T. Palmer and Nemo Gould with the intention of raising public awareness of this art form and providing a support network for its members, and others working within the genre. On this website you will find RSS streams from some of our members own blogs which will provide a peek into the studios and processes behind this unique approach to art making. Check the members section to learn about our contributors, see examples of their finished work, and find links to their personal sites.

If you like the stuff you find on this blog, then you are sure to like the Applied Kinetic Arts blog. Trust me.

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