Saturday, July 31, 2010

K'Nex Lava Launch Coaster roller coaster set

K'Nex Lava Launch Coaster building set
The K'NEX Lava Launch Coaster is a roller coaster building set shaped like a volcano. Standing over 4 feet high, the Lava Launch Coaster includes 1,200 K'NEX pieces, over 20 feet of track, a roller coaster car, and a motorized car "blaster" that launches the car to the top of the track.

From the toy description:
Follow the color-coded instructions to build this exciting thrill ride step-by-step. Then switch the motorized blaster on, let it spool up, and watch in awe as the coaster car shoots up and out of the volcano. On the way down, the coaster car whips down, around and through the volcano with awesome speed. Instructions for a second thrilling coaster are available at

Here's where you can get more info on the K'Nex Lava Launch Coaster

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