Monday, August 30, 2010

18 page mechanisms booklet by Paul Spooner

18 page mechanisms booklet by Paul Spooner
For a limited time, Cabaret Mechanical Theatre is offering a free download of an eighteen page booklet by Paul Spooner. This is a must have for automaton-makers. Read on to see why!

About the mechanisms booklet:
Paul describes and illustrates the basic mechanisms he uses in his machines, Cranks, Cams, Levers, Ratchets and Gears. There is an exploded view of one of Paul's machines, 'Bad News' and then a complete project to make yourself out of card, called the 'Bad Babysitter'.

The booklet is available for free until until 30th September 2010 and will be a very affordable £2 (just a little over $3 USD) from 1st October 2010.

Here's the download page for the mechanisms booklet by Paul Spooner.

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