Saturday, August 07, 2010

Book: Paper Toys - deluxe metal box edition

Paper Toys book - deluxe metal box edition
This construction kit allows you to build eight different models -- all of which have at least one moving part. The kit comes with perforated construction sheets, wooden sticks, rubber bands, plastic beads, string and wire. This edition also comes in a nice metal box.

About the Paper Toys construction kit:
Each model can be built with ease using the detailed, step-by-step instruction manual and colored pre-punched motifs. From an amusing bunny to a pop-up monster to a plane with propeller, the models have been lovingly created and include ingenious mechanisms: push the car, and the driver and his luggage sway amusingly from side to side; turn the stick, and the clown's facial expression changes.

Here's where you can get the Paper Toys (Deluxe Metal Box)

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