Friday, August 20, 2010

Configurable animated mechanical orchestra toy

Configurable animated mechanical orchestra toy design
Check out these cool sketches and 3D renderings of a design for a hand-cranked orchestra automaton. The toy is the creation of designer Jin Fan.

From the designer's web site:
The Animated Mechanical Toys product family is inspired by an orchestra band with configurable figures and mechanics. The AMT can be configured into different performers including a violin player, a flute player, and a bass player. The number of figures on the stage and the size of stage can vary by adding/removing parts. In addition to the varying number of figures on the box, the stage could expand by connecting multiple boxes together to make a bigger band. Another feature of this product family is its multi-axis capability. It can allow the figures to move on different axis and thus allow different speed of movement.

Here's a web page featuring additional images of the configurable animated mechanical orchestra toy.

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