Thursday, August 26, 2010

Da Vinci armored car and other invention kits

Da Vinci armored car and other invention kits
Here is an articulated model kit based on DaVinci's design for an early form of the tank. The model is made of plastic and snaps together (it's from the makers of Snap Circuits actually), so requires no special tools and is probably good for first-time builders -- or those who like immediate gratification. It comes with an informative manual that explains how Leonardo's invention has evolved into the modern tank. This is just one of an entire line of Da Vinci inspired kits.

Here's where you can check out the Da Vinci Armored Car Kit.

UPDATE: I have it on good authority that these models are definitely plastic and NOT wood, despite what some product descriptions say.  Also, they are quite simple, being made up of only a few pieces. Finally, they are not terribly robust, so are more for display than anything else.

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