Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dug North's version of The Most Useless Machine

I saw a bunch of videos floating around the web a few weeks ago about The Most Useless machine and thought it was charming.  I decided to make one of my own with a few modifications. Instead of a simple wooden box, I used a miniature chest. Rather than the pusher coming out of the top of the box, I wanted mine to open the chest and come out of the front. Finally, I replaced the simple pusher with a small human-like arm that I hand-carved from basswood.  Overall, the project came out well -- though I have a few ideas for improving it.

The complete plans for making your own Most Useless Machine can be found in MAKE Magazine, Volume 23 or on their dedicated project page for The Most Useless Machine.

If you don't already have this awesome magazine delivered to your doorstep, here's where you can subscribe to MAKE: Technology on Your Time.

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