Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Roullet & Decamps leaping and growling tiger

Roullet & Decamps leaping tiger automaton
This growling and leaping tiger is a nice example of an automaton made by the firm of Roullet et Decamps late in the 1800s. Personally, I want to know how the growling mechanism works!

From the eBay description:
When wound, the tiger starts by moving his head and lower jaw up and down, and then he slowly lowers himself to the floor. Once he is crouched down he makes a short growling sound and then leaps forward...startling everyone who is watching! This is a fun toy to demonstrate for your friends and he makes two or three jumps per winding. This tiger is the more rare and desirable version of this toy, having the opening mouth with teeth and growler. The other version of this tiger moves his head side to side, has a closed mouth and no growler. The body of the tiger is made of real animal fur covering a paper mache shell with the clockworks mounted on a wood platform that forms his underside. The legs are fur covered wood and the eyes are glass.

Here's where you can see many more pictures or place a bid on this Roullet & Decamps leaping tiger automaton.

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