Saturday, August 14, 2010

Steampunk mechanical version of the bristlebot

I hesitate to post about two things in a row with 'Steampunk' in the title, but this little bot is too cool to pass up. This bristlebot uses an a wind-up spring-driven motor with an attached offset weight to make the little creature skitter around any flat surface. This one uses brass-brushes, so it might be useful for cleaning off rusty surfaces, but you wouldn't want to put it on your antique dining room table!

If you aren't up for building the bristle bot show in the instructable, you might consider the book Invasion of the Bristlebots (below) which comes with two electric bristlebots.
Invasion of the Bristlebots
The book is loaded with activities and games.

From the book/kit description:
Invasion of the Bristlebots comes with two mini-robots — basically motorized toothbrush heads. These guys zoom around like caffeinated cockroaches, spinning, skittering, and bouncing off walls. Resistance is futile. The book bristles with ideas for robot games and activities. Race robots against each other. Use the included punch-out walls to construct a Bristlebot maze. Stage a robot sumo-wrestling match. You can even customize your Bots with the provided wire legs, feelers, and beady eyes.

Here's where you can order Invasion of the Bristlebots.

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