Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whirligigs for Woodcarvers: bring carvings to life

Whirligigs for Woodcarvers
Here's a whirligig books. Often the figures on whirligigs are somewhat flat and tend to rely on paint for detail. This book looks like a remedy for that situation; it is specifically written for woodcarvers. It also looks like a very comprehensive treatment of the subject in general!

From the book description:
Full size patterns for making a knight, dragon, eagle, boxer and soldier whirligig; Numerous photos and illustrations for visualizing whirligig features and function; Woodcarving tips and techniques for beginner and intermediate carvers; Lists of all the tools and supplies necessary for woodcarving and whirligig construction. Plus this useful guidance for whirligig artists and craftsmen: The secrets for designing your own original whirligigs that will work right the first time; Sources of supplies for all necessary tools and materials; Troubleshooting tips for uncooperative whirligigs; Creative ideas for design, construction, carving and mounting whirligigs.

Well, I'm sold. Adding it to my wishlist now!

Here's where you can get Whirligigs for Woodcarvers

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