Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book: Making and Manipulating Marionettes

Book: Making and Manipulating Marionettes
I have had my eye on this book for a long time, but have yet to buy it. It looks like a wealth of information on all aspects string puppets -- design, construction, and control.

From the book description:
Contents include: an introduction to the marionette tradition and the principles and practicalities of marionette design; advice on materials and methods for carving, modeling, and casting puppet parts; detailed explanations for marionette control, stringing, and manipulation; step–by–step instructions for the construction and jointing of human and animal marionettes; and professional secrets for achieving a wide range of special effects.

Anyone out there have this one? I'd like to know if you like it!

Here is a link to Making and Manipulating Marionettes.

[ Thanks Charles! ]

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