Friday, September 17, 2010

Ives clockwork walking bear automaton c. 1890

Here is an eight inch tall walking bear automaton by Ives currently on the auction block over at ebay.

From the ebay description:
When wound, the bear will turn his head to the left, open and close his mouth, and slowly walk forward and to the left. He will sometimes stop after only a few seconds, but just picking him up and wiggling him a bit and then setting him back down will get him going again. Below his left arm toward the front of him is the stop/start lever. The wind up key is a replacement and will be included in the sale. It fits nicely and winds the bear very well. The bear is covered with real fur; most likely it is rabbit fur. His feet and hands are made of carved wood. His left eye is made of glass and the right eye is a replacement and not glass, it looks good, although it’s not a perfect match.

Here is where you can see many nice images of this clockwork walking bear automaton.

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