Thursday, September 09, 2010

Knitting cat automaton by Roullet & Decamps

Knitting cat automaton by ROULLET & DECAMPS
Here is a 12 inch tall knitting cat clockwork automaton made by the famous French firm of Roullet & Decamps. Who knew that cats could knit?

From the eBay description:
As one arm lowers and raises the needle, the other motions the partially finished knitting in and out, while the cat slowly turns its head left and right. There is a very small opening in the leather covering on the cat's upper left forearm (which may, or may not, be intentional) in order to allow the arm to bend at this particular spot.

Here's the full listing with a longer description and many more pictures of this Knitting cat automaton by Roullet & Decamps

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